Sustainability at Apex

2.2 million

average U.S. homes powered by Apex projects

500 million

tons of CO2 offset over the lifetime of built projects

3.8 billion

gallons of water withdrawals avoided over the lifetime of built projects

Beyond our work to accelerate the shift to clean energy through renewable energy projects, it is critical for Apex to act and lead on sustainability.

We seek solutions that transcend our business model to lower our individual and collective environmental footprints, and we invest in socially responsible practices and share our expertise to expand opportunities for others to further the transition to a better, more sustainable future.

Helping a sovereign culture thrive

After years of discussion with wind energy companies across North America, the Oceti Ŝakowiŋ Power Authority (OSPA) selected Apex Clean Energy as its partner in the development process. Together, the two formed 7G Renewable Energy to develop wind on the reservations.

Enhancing conservation through the energy transition

With our core value of sus­tainability top of mind, Apex strives to not only advance the sustainability of America’s energy system as a whole, but also enhance local ecosystems and hab­itats where Apex’s projects are developed and operated. That’s why we created the Apex Conserva­tion Grant (ACG) program—a first in the industry.

Resilience amid uncertainty

Thousands of rural American towns and counties are already being sustained by the jobs and economic benefits delivered by utility-scale wind and solar energy projects. These revenue streams enable landowners and communities to persevere through the best of times and the worst of times. These projects make communities more resilient, and in times like these, resilience is endurance.

Apex Plaza: Sustainable from the ground up

Our mass-timber headquarters, which features green building materials, solar power generation, and on-site battery storage, is on the cutting edge of sustainable design—mirroring our work at the forefront of the new energy economy

Employee sustainability incentives

Apex is committed to supporting employees’ efforts to contribute to the company mission, even when away from work. It is in this spirit that Apex will provide financial incentives to employees who purchase electric cars, tools, and bikes; install solar panels on their roofs; avoid driving to work; and make their homes more energy efficient.

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