Leading the energy transition

Apex is expanding the renewable energy frontier in power markets across America.

65 GW

of diversified pipeline—the largest clean energy portfolio in the United States

690 million

tons of CO2 displaced over the lifetime of built projects

1.5 million

acres under lease—larger than the state of Delaware

$10+ billion

of utility-scale projects completed, in construction, or financed

Utility-scale wind

The largest wind energy portfolio in the country, built on data and expertise.

Cost-effective, completely renewable, and space-efficient energy driving job creation while dramatically lowering energy prices

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Utility-scale solar

A focus on long-term relationships with repeat customers.

Solar power provides the benefits of clean, reliable electricity at a fixed price during peak demand periods when fossil fuel energy is at its most expensive—all while creating jobs and helping reduce CO2 emissions by over 46 million metric tons every year.

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Distributed energy resources

From community solar to microgrids, we’re bringing our experience to bear at all scales.

Small-scale, distributed energy generation has a big impact—from lower costs to higher system-level capacity, reduced need for infrastructure investment, and improved resilience.

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Energy storage

Apex’s storage capacity is projected to reach 11.6 GW across multiple markets by 2029.

Crucial to a clean and efficient electric grid, battery storage allows clean energy to be produced when resources like sunlight and wind are abundant and released back onto the grid only when needed.

Green fuels

Apex has signed the largest green hydrogen PPA to date.

Green hydrogen could virtually eliminate emissions by using renewable energy to power the electrolysis of water, allowing the transport and long-term storage of power for use where electrification is too expensive or otherwise impossible.

Our commitment to fuel innovations

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