Apex Plaza

A headquarters on the cutting edge of sustainable design.

At its core, Apex Plaza is a physical manifestation of the company’s mission.

By prioritizing clean power generation, green building materials, and state-of-the-art efficiency initiatives, Apex Plaza makes the transition from energy consumption to energy optimization.

Mass timber framework

Timber is a renewable resource grown and harvested indefinitely, and it sequesters carbon from the atmosphere, storing that carbon for the lifetime of the structure. The mass timber in Apex Plaza creates a carbon benefit equal to the amount of energy needed to power 300 homes for a year. Read more about the benefits of timber.

Solar array

Half of the panels are mounted on the rooftop, while a second PV canopy, located on the building’s green roof terrace, provides shade for gatherings. For employees, visitors, and community members, the panels serve as a visual reminder of Apex’s priorities.

Green roof

In line with architect William McDonough’s aspiration to design buildings like trees, Apex Plaza’s green roof creates habitat to promote biodiversity and stormwater retention.

EV charging

The parking garage of Apex Plaza features more than a dozen electric vehicle charging stations fueled by the building’s solar array, allowing Apex employees to charge their electric vehicles with sunlight harvested in real time.

Energy efficiency

Apex Plaza features thermally broken window frames and rain screens, Solarban® 90 glass, a DensElement™ weather barrier, and Thermafiber insulation. The high-efficiency mechanical systems, such as refrigerant flow equipment and an energy recovery ventilator, result in low energy consumption and low operating costs.


Each afternoon, as the sun peaks in the sky, light floods through the room’s skylight—drawing on the energy resource that powers Apex’s work and directing the team toward a common purpose. A stainless-steel floorplate runs parallel through the lobby: a visual reminder to maintain alignment with that objective. And the room’s bright white welcome desk, parallel to the floorplate and skylight, represents the transition away from what will be known as the dark ages of fossil fuel energy production.

Discover Charlottesville, Virginia

Apex’s hometown, just two hours from the nation’s capital, is a thriving college town with unmatched proximity to the outdoors. It’s also a hub for companies helping lead the clean energy, biotechnology, and quantitative finance sectors.

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