Apex Conservation Grant Program

Promoting conservation, fostering an ecological balance

$2.4 million

grant funds distributed to date

$6.26 million

matching funds secured

2,900 acres

of land preserved or restored

Introducing the Apex Conservation Grant

As a company with a core value of sustainability, Apex Clean Energy endeavors to promote and increase the ecological benefits of our renewable energy projects. Apex wants to ensure that our projects further benefit host communities by preserving and restoring natural resources in the surrounding areas. Through the Apex Conservation Grant Program, each renewable energy project commercialized by Apex will contribute a sum of money, proportional to the size of the project, to support local or regional wildlife conservation, reforestation and flora restoration, protection of sensitive habitats such as grassland or wetlands, and other environmental conservation initiatives in or near project communities.

Recently Funded Projects

Grant Project Locations


The impact of the Apex Conservation Grant Program is wide-ranging and far-reaching and will continue to grow as Apex’s project portfolio expands in the years to come.


The Process

Eligibility requirements

The program will fund on-the-ground conservation initiatives in the vicinity of our projects that:

  • support local or regional ecosystems and habitats that will enhance the recovery and protection of local wildlife populations
  • preserve, restore, or enhance local or regional native grasslands, shrublands/woodlands, forests, wetlands, and riparian habitats, or other unique habitats that support native vegetation, bats and birds, and other wildlife species
  • support environmental programs and projects that promote sustainable agricultural and soil health practices
  • restore working landscapes that support ranching and livestock operations that may incorporate sustainable grazing practices, carbon sequestration, or other wildlife-friendly land management practices

Applicants must:

  • be a registered 501(c)(3) organization or other qualified not-for-profit in good standing with the IRS
  • provide evidence of matching funds that are available to be used for the conservation grant
  • have a documented track record of successfully performing on-the-ground conservation projects

Grant recipients must comply with reporting and documentation requirements that the project will be implemented in a one-to-four-year period.


  • Apex will reserve up to $1,000/MW to fund conservation grants for each commercialized project.
  • Funds will be awarded after project construction begins.
  • Grant applicants are required to secure additional local, state, or federal grant funds or in-kind contributions to match the conservation grant at a ratio of no less than 1:1.


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Featured Recipient

Ducks Unlimited

Apex Conservation Grant recipient Ducks Unlimited is working to restore more than 330 acres of habitat at the Two Rivers National Wildlife Refuge, 9,225 acres of riverine and floodplain habitats that lie at the confluence of the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers. When the project is complete, hundreds of acres of former agricultural land will be restored to a healthy wetland forest environment, using wells and pumps to mimic the floodplain that once naturally existed.

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