“Our commodity prices, they’re not good. We make money to pay our bills, but we hardly make ends meet. The wind turbines are working and producing easy revenue for us that we won’t get from the farm.”

Ovi Atkinson
Cameron Wind, Texas

“With farming, it’s different year to year. You can do everything right, everything you’re supposed to, and Mother Nature can decide differently. Construction is kind of the same way. With the wind, it’s a steady flow of income coming in, and that’s what we liked about it.”

Doug Merz
Kay Wind, Oklahoma

“We’re capitalizing on a natural resource. I can diversify my acreage, and the landowners that live locally spend their dollars back in the community.”

Pete Hatfield
Hoopeston Wind, Illinois

“From a township’s perspective, budget-wise, we used to run about a $100,000 budget—live paycheck to paycheck—and now we have about a $300,000 budget, so we’ve had the ability to upgrade our infrastructure, maintain our roads, make sure we’re supporting our fire and rescue, and just do a lot of things we couldn’t do prior to this wind farm.”

John Hardman

Landowner and Supervisor
Gratiot County, MI

“We never know what’s in the future as far as income, especially if you’re in agriculture. In agriculture, you plant a crop and its eight or nine months away from harvest. Oil has been a big blessing for my family and so is wind energy.”

George Heupel

Farmer and Rancher
Canadian County, OK

“Because of the wind farms in Floyd County, our schools can provide for our children’s education and our county can provide the services for our residents’ needs. There are always going to be pros and cons, but from my perspective, the pros outweigh the cons.”

Jon Jones

Former Commissioner
Floyd County, TX

“Wind energy is new. It’s refreshing. It shows that we’re progressing, and that’s different for rural Ohio. It’s really neat to see that Van Wert is trying to progress, that the community is forward thinking, and that we’re actively working to grow.”
Alyssa Putman

Administrator, Ridgeview Behavioral Hospital
Van Wert, OH

“We live next to the turbines now and look forward to getting more on our other property. … When we’re done farming, whoever takes the land over, the grandchildren—it’ll still continue to generate, and they’ll still be making a little profit off of it.”
Jean Meiwes

Landowner and Farmer
Canadian County, OK

“We all need more power. The country is growing. And I would much rather have wind than burning coal or a nuclear power plant.”
John Baker

Owner of Baker Built Products
Van Wert, OH

“I think it’s kind of exciting. I really do. And I’m not offended by the looks of them. When I first seen ’em out west traveling to some of our horse sales, I thought they were beautiful. I thought they were majestic.”
Bob Walton

Farmer and Wind Energy Steering
Committee Member
Isabella County, MI

Can Renewable Energy Help Support Your Community?

No project is possible without the support of the landowners who help us harvest the wind and the sun. If you think your property might be suitable for renewable energy, we’d like to hear from you. Just drop us a line.

Resources For Landowners

We’re sure you have questions about whether wind or solar energy is right for you and your community. Apex is committed to open, honest, and transparent communication with our partners, so let us know if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Hear from community members who live near operating Apex projects

In Their Own Words: Community Members

Hear about how wind energy has benefited local communities, directly from the people who live and work among the turbines.

Designing a Wind Project

Careful placement of our turbines is part of what helps Apex accelerate the shift to a world powered by clean electricity, responsibly. Find out how we select turbine locations.

Facts About Wind and Solar Energy

Learn about renewable energy and property values, wildlife, health, electricity, and more with these printable fact sheets.

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Developing a Wind Farm

You may be asking “Why here?” In this video, a few of our developers talk about just what we look for in a potential project area, and how we work with the landowners who live there.

Find Your Project

For more information about any Apex project, click on the map below.

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