For Communities

At Apex, we know our development success depends on collaboration. Renewable energy projects can bring great benefits to the communities in which they are located, and we always strive to make sure local leaders and residents are informed and kept updated on the progress of the projects we are working on in their area. Regardless of the size of the project, the renewable energy development process is complex. From siting to environmental research, to permitting, leasing, and construction, our experienced team is available to answer questions, participate in community dialogues, and share information about our work and our plans. Apex projects always meet or surpass industry best practices and comply fully with federal, state, and local regulatory requirements.


Renewable energy projects offer valuable benefits to the communities in which they are located. These projects boost local economic development by generating significant tax revenues for local school districts and supplying an infusion of new income to local landowners and businesses. We use standard economic impact modeling tools to calculate the anticipated economic benefits each project will bring to its local community, and we share these estimates with community members for planning purposes.

Renewable energy projects also bring great social benefit to local communities by producing electricity without generating any pollution or using any water.

Apex conducts numerous studies throughout the development process to understand any impact our projects may have, and we site and design our facilities to minimize these impacts using industry best practices.

Working with Apex

For communities, renewable energy projects can represent an important addition to the local economy.

Every jurisdiction is different. Whether permitting regulations involve municipalities, county agencies, or state agencies, we strive to be as transparent and informative as possible at all points of the process. Our development team is always available to answer questions or explain project plans, and we encourage community members to contact us or visit our Projects page to learn more about the work we are doing in their area.

“The thing about Apex is they did a real good job of education, as far as telling us where the lines were going to go, and coming to the community leaders and meeting with us several times.”

Matt White
El Reno, OK