For Landowners

If you own property that is suitable for a wind or solar farm, there may be a valuable resource just over your head that is currently passing you by. Renewable energy facilities like wind turbines and solar panels can help you cultivate that resource, providing a source of stable, predictable revenue for your family, without significantly impacting your current land uses. Best part of all? This resource can be harvested without using any water, without creating any pollution, and without creating more work for you. By participating in a renewable energy project, you can help generate clean energy for our country, new revenue for your community, and added financial security for your family.

Apex sees our participating landowners as partners in our projects. No project is possible without the support of landowners who are interested in hosting renewable energy facilities. 

As your partners, we believe it is important to keep you informed about project plans, progress, and schedules. Because renewable energy projects are complex, project plans or layouts can change many times prior to construction. We strive to be as accessible as possible to answer your questions and respond to your concerns throughout the development of your project.

If you are interested in becoming a part of one of our renewable energy projects, Apex will formalize our partnership with you in the form of a facility lease. Apex leases are designed to protect the rights of the private property owner, while ensuring that we have been granted the legal right to build energy facilities on the property. The Apex energy lease outlines our commitments to the landowner, including what they will be paid for various types of facilities and how they will be informed about the energy production from facilities on their land. The lease also outlines the landowner’s commitments to Apex, including their agreement to protect their land’s wind resource and their acknowledgement that they cannot sign a lease with another wind or solar energy company for the same parcel. We encourage landowners to read the lease document carefully and to seek legal counsel as part of their review.

We understand the importance of land stewardship, a responsibility that extends across generations. The renewable energy projects we build with you will live on for decades, and we see our relationship as the foundation for this work together.

Landowner Testimonials

“The relationship with Apex has been positive. We are part of a soil conservation program that requires us to take special care of the land and how it is treated. Apex wanted to put a turbine on the land so they worked with the local conservation office and my family to make the necessary changes. It wasn't a simple process but they worked with us to meet the requirements. [Apex] took good care of the roads, property and land.”

Mary Jones, Landowner
Canadian Hills Wind, OK

“History has proven wind energy to be both a useful tool and an economic boon to those who learned to harness it. Before the widespread availability of electricity, rural families, like my parents, used windmills to generate enough electricity to barely light a few bulbs. Today, we have the equipment to produce enough power to not only light but fully power entire communities. Wind is a clean, abundant energy. And Apex folks have been positive and straight forward, and they keep me in the loop and up to date on the operations."

Keith Mueggenborg
Kingfisher Wind, OK

“Oil has been a big blessing for my family and so is wind energy. I've farmed and ranched in Oklahoma since I was in high school, and I want to look out for my family. I want them to be financially independent.”

George Heupel
Canadian Hills Wind, OK

“In the beginning, we said no way did we want anything to do with a windmill farm. After we met with Rob early last fall and had a very frank discussion with him he said he could only ask that we go to sites with windmills. Look, listen, talk to people that live with them. Then consider what we have to offer. We went to several sites close by.  We did look, listen, and talked to several people. We talked about roads, drainage, compaction, restriction to land, and planes flying to apply fungicides. These concerns were answered in the positive. After we took time to check into this project further, we feel it would not only be good for the individual but for the county as a whole. If you have concerns we would ask that you do your own looking, listening, talking, and deciding.”

Richard and Janice Brubaker
Plum Tree Wind, IN