Trends Shaping the Energy Transition

A Conversation with Jigar Shah

As part of Apex’s fall 2020 quarterly company meeting, CEO Mark Goodwin sat down for a virtual fireside chat with Jigar Shah, co-founder and president of Generate Capital. Goodwin and Shah covered a diverse range of topics, including:

  • The trajectory of the clean energy industry, dating back to the mid-1990s and looking ahead to what’s to come for wind and solar
  • The future of new technologies, such as green hydrogen, distributed generation, and storage at scale
  • The current intersection of finance and policy, and the potential for a price on carbon and a national renewable energy standard
  • Rising clean energy demand from corporate and industrial purchasers, and the low-carbon transition of commercial transportation

As Shah so succinctly concludes, “We’re proving every day that our best days are ahead of us.”

Watch the conversation to learn more about his perspective on the future of the energy transition.