Ohioans Support Wind Power, in Their Own Words

Young and old, these Buckeyes understand the benefits of wind power.

Ohioans from all walks of life are standing up to support wind energy in the Buckeye State. For residents of Van Wert County, wind power is about more than taking advantage of an abundant natural resource in their backyard. It’s about ensuring their children have the best education possible and about protecting their rights as hardworking landowners. For Van Wert residents, wind energy is about building a stronger community and a better future.

Young and old, these Ohioans understand the benefits of wind power, and are asking their lawmakers to reduce the current property line setbacks for wind turbines. The Senate omnibus amendment to House Bill 49 is a compromise that would move the state’s property line setback to a level more stringent than pre-2014 distances and that balances smart wind development with individual property owner protections. Economic growth in Ohio—and the quality of life for all its residents—stands to gain.



Cat Strumlauf

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