New Report on PPA Partnerships Highlights Apex’s Unique Approach

How deals under 50 MW can work for your company.

We have seen a host of blue-chip companies using wind energy in recent years: Amazon, Google, Ikea, Mars, Microsoft, and more. This makes it look like power purchase agreements are only for multinationals.

But this is not the case. This “PPA Partnerships” report from A Word About Wind, created in association with Apex Clean Energy, looks at the potential that PPAs of less than 50 MW offer to both energy users and wind farm investors. You can read this free-to-access report now.

The report includes:

  • Insights from Apex Clean Energy’s Business Development team
  • Analysis of the different types of PPAs: physical, virtual, and aggregated
  • Case studies featuring U.S. manufacturers
  • How sub–50 MW PPAs help users meet their corporate sustainability goals
  • Explanation of why these deals can be complex and how to overcome that
  • How investors can use sub–50 MW PPAs to support their own growth plans