Introducing Apex’s 2023 Sustainability Report

Our Approach to Shaping a Cleaner, More Resilient Future

As the energy transition becomes increasingly urgent, the challenges and opportunities of this shift grow in tandem. Achieving a sustainable, low-carbon future requires a comprehensive approach that prioritizes environmental conservation, fosters a diverse and purpose-driven workforce, and upholds ethical and transparent governance standards.

Since its inception, Apex has maintained a singular focus on harnessing clean power to help its customers—from utilities to universities—reduce their emissions and meet their ESG goals. But as a values-driven company, Apex strives to further its positive impact, cultivating socially responsible practices that support the resilience of our communities and ecosystems while driving business success.

In the coming decade and beyond, Apex will begin to redefine what it means to be a clean energy leader, embracing innovative strategies and actions and a commitment to continuous improvement. In our 2023 Sustainability Report, discover the initiatives that are propelling us—and the renewable energy sector as a whole—toward a brighter, more sustainable world.