Harnessing Operational Excellence to Deliver on Our Commitments

Message from the CEO

As a mission-driven company and as experts in our field, Apex is advancing the energy transition. From a business perspective, a focus on driving throughput and value is essential to finding success—but transactional thinking alone will not get us to our target. What we do is significant; how we do it is even more crucial. At every step, we are driven by our five core values.

Throughout every phase of a project’s life cycle, safety, professionalism, integrity, entrepreneurship, and sustainability guide our decision-making. These standards provide our moral and ethical framework, ensuring we benefit all stakeholders: host communities, customers, partners, employees, and society at large.

Upholding these values requires exacting intentionality during each project phase, and even more so as projects advance from one phase to the next. In development, this means exhaustively studying and mitigating impacts, designing bespoke projects, and earning community trust. During construction, we maintain the same values-driven presence, focused on strict compliance, respect for the community, and quality execution amid a flurry of local activity—road improvements, turbine transport, module installation. And then, as the dust settles and the implementation activity fades into the background, we honor our operating commitments, generating both clean electricity and local revenue safely, reliably, and responsibly for decades.

Scaling our work makes maintaining these high standards exponentially harder—but also increasingly important. Today, Apex is executing like never before, building more megawatts of clean energy than at any time in our history. At this moment, it is critical that we redouble our efforts around fulfilling our obligations—not only for compliance purposes, but also to stay true to our values.

As we grow our owned portfolio, we are also strengthening our operational approach. With hundreds of years of collective experience on our asset management and operations team, we consider each project thoughtfully, with an eye toward continuous improvements that elevate safety and performance at every turn. The more practiced we become, the more effectively we can execute on our mission to accelerate the shift to clean energy.

Still, our model remains intentionally flexible, allowing Apex to optimize the business around our mission. This means occasionally selling projects to reinvest in our portfolio with the ultimate goal of putting more gigawatts on the grid and further accelerating the shift. Above all else and at every project, we select partners who share our convictions and values, ensuring commitments made are commitments kept.

As we look to the coming years, Apex’s journey will be defined not just by the clean power we produce, but by the responsible and values-driven way in which we operate. The energy transition will only be achieved through this ideal balance: an exacting delivery approach grounded in integrity and mission.


Ken Young

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Ken drives Apex’s corporate strategy; manages the company’s day-to-day operations, including the origination, construction, and operation of utility-scale wind, solar, and storage facilities, distributed energy resources, and green fuel technologies; and leads a mission-driven team of more than 400 professionals who are accelerating the energy transition.