Corporate Clean Energy Procurement Gains Momentum

A video interview with Apex’s Steve Vavrik highlights trends in the year ahead for corporate renewable energy purchasing.

At the 2017 Infocast Wind Power Finance and Investment Summit, conference organizers sat down with Steve Vavrik, chief commercial officer at Apex, to learn about trends shaping the market. Listen to Steve’s insights in the following clips.

“Corporations are seeing how buying renewable energy can be part of their sustainability program as it becomes less exotic, more standard, [and] word is spreading about how they can do direct deals with companies like Apex.”

On the year ahead for corporate buyers and the market momentum already established in 2017:

On PPA structures changing in the market moving forward—from smaller deals to basis risk sharing and longer terms—and corporations becoming more comfortable working directly with renewable energy project developers as partners:

“Companies are trying to understand what their sustainability programs are going to mean as they evolve, and as their customers and supply chains evolve, so they’re beginning to rely on partnerships with renewable energy companies to evolve with them.”

On expectations for expanding the corporate market through education about renewable energy procurement and the innovation needed in deal structures to mitigate risk:

On the challenges faced by the wind industry today and corporate market momentum already rising in 2017:

Watch the full interview here: