Celebrating Black History Month

A Conversation with the Virginia Chapter of the American Association of Blacks in Energy

As part of better living out our values, Apex is committed to elevating and educating ourselves on the perspectives and experiences that have been underrepresented to this point in our industry.

Black History Month is an annual time for education and action. Since evolving from its precursor created by historian Carter G. Woodson in 1926, Black History Month remains the official annual observance and celebration of the rich history and contributions of Black Americans.

To fully recognize this history, we must acknowledge the barriers that still exist to equal opportunity for all who want to contribute to our energy future—but also the admirable ways that those barriers are being overcome. By connecting with organizations such as the American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE), Apex can learn how to best contribute to the efforts of our own employees, AABE, and our industry as a whole.

Jesse Myrick serves as president of the Virginia Chapter of AABE alongside Shaunta Hodge, the chapter’s vice president of programs. Formed in 1977 as a nonprofit organization with chapters across the country, AABE offers leadership and a voice for the needs and aspirations of Black Americans working in energy-related fields. Watch to learn about how Jesse and Shaunta are growing AABE’s mission in the Commonwealth, as well as the best way for individuals to make an impact: