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In Photos: Aviator Wind Takes Flight

In November 2019, Apex held a blade-signing event for the Aviator Wind community in Texas. National Geographic photographer Kenton Rowe was on the ground to capture construction, the blade signing, and the faces of the landowners and project partners—owner Ares Management and power buyers Facebook and McDonald’s—that are making Aviator possible.

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What happens when you bring together 80 landowners, McDonald’s, Facebook, Ares Management, and Apex Clean Energy? The largest single-phase, single-site wind farm in the United States: Aviator Wind. As a show of our appreciation for their partnership, Apex hosted a blade-signing celebration as the first turbines began to rise from the ground in Coke County, Texas.

At Apex, we know that our partners are fundamental to the success of any renewable energy project. We are committed to establishing long-lasting relationships and ensuring that those projects benefit the host landowners, the surrounding communities, and their investors alike.

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