Solar Solutions

The Apex Approach to Solar

Apex’s solar strategy builds on the expertise and data-driven philosophy that has led to the largest wind energy portfolio in the country.

Our experienced team leverages its existing development, transmission, construction, and asset management capabilities to tailor solar solutions to our customers’ needs. Solar is a perfect complement to our core wind business and the emerging storage sector.


  • Utility-scale
  • Virtual or physical power purchase agreements
  • Microgrid capable
  • Behind-the-meter
  • Ancillary services
  • Technology hybrids (wind, solar, and/or storage)

“The project at Fort Hood, the Army’s first hybrid and largest single renewable energy project to date, is an excellent example of the extraordinary results we can achieve through collaboration. The Army will continue to partner with private-sector entities such as Apex Clean Energy, Inc., to expand renewable energy initiatives on our installations. By working together, we can ensure a sustainable world for future generations.”

— Katherine Hammack, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy, and Environment

Apex Case Study: Fort Hood’s Phantom Solar Facility

Phantom Solar is part of a hybrid wind/solar energy complex serving the 24/7/365 needs of Fort Hood, the largest active-duty armored post in the United States. Under an agreement with the Defense Logistics Agency–Energy, Apex supplies 100% of the military garrison’s energy demand.

Project Details

15.4 MWAC / 19.6 MWDC
62,725 Canadian Solar PV modules
Northleaf Capital and Apex Clean Energy
Construction Manager
Apex Clean Energy
Asset Manager
Apex Clean Energy

Goals and Results

Save the U.S. Army money

The Army has calculated that it will avoid paying approximately $168 million over the life of the agreement with Apex

Provide renewable energy credits (RECs) to Fort Hood to help offset carbon footprint

Fort Hood is now powered by over 50% renewable energy and can prove “additionality” for the construction of the facilities

Achieve energy resiliency and security for Fort Hood

Microgrid compatibility and complementary renewable resources ensure future energy resiliency and security

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The U.S. Solar Market Has Passed the Tipping Point

Projected U.S. Unsubsidized Solar Levelized Cost of Energy

Projected U.S. Unsubsidized Solar Levelized Cost of Energy

In the past decade, solar has experienced an average annual growth rate of 59%.

Annual U.S. Solar Installations (GW)

Annual U.S. Solar Installations (GW)

Solar Resources


Apex Delivers Energy Independence for Our Military

The solar and wind farms ensure Fort Hood’s energy security and save millions of dollars

Reducing the Cost of Energy Day and Night, Throughout the Year

Wind and solar are complementary for managing “peak-demand” costs.

Storage Solutions

Apex offers energy storage solutions, either as a standalone product or as part of a renewable energy system.

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