Ten Years: Building the Apex Way

Celebrating a Decade of Growth and Momentum

In March 2009, Apex was founded to accelerate the shift to clean energy. Ever since, we have succeeded in growing a talented and multifaceted team of more than 200 professionals who are dedicating their careers to acquiring the nation’s highest-quality energy resources and bringing them to market.

What differentiates our assets is the renewable nature of the resources, which are naturally delivered to the site of generation, don’t require water, and don’t produce emissions. We are in the business of decarbonizing the U.S. electric grid at a time when utilities, investors, corporations, and governments at every level are realizing the sense of urgency required to address climate change in the most efficient and effective way possible.

There are no patents to protect us, but few if any companies have assembled a team to rival ours.

The milestones we have reached together as an independent, entrepreneurial company are significant. To date, Apex has commercialized more than 3,500 megawatts of clean energy, creating $4.5 billion in investment. Last year we passed a million acres under lease—and counting. Thinking ahead to the future, that momentum isn’t set to slow anytime soon.

The important context to understand here is that we are not built to develop one project, or even a handful of projects, at a time. Apex is developing an entire portfolio of assets across two dozen states that will span the next several decades, featuring significant expansion into utility-scale solar and energy storage solutions to balance our wind energy business.

Our success has been defined by two factors. First is our ability to de-risk during the development stage. The expertise on our team—across more than a dozen discrete areas of specialization—helps guarantee that projects will deliver energy efficiently and affordably while gaining all necessary permits at the local, state, and federal levels. Second, our commercialization and finance teams are leaders in connecting investors and power buyers with these optimized assets, often creating innovative approaches and deal structures that soon become the new industry standard.

Our expertise, and our continued commitment, will be mission-critical as we work toward our core goal of decarbonizing the electric grid, and then—through partnerships with other innovative companies—expand beyond the energy sector to decarbonize the entire economy. For all the progress we have made, time is not on our side. The development and deployment of clean energy must be accelerated to grow three times as fast, or faster, to make meaningful progress to slow the rate of our changing climate.

As we look to the next decade for Apex, a few things are certain. The demand for our work is only going to rise, but so will the technical and permitting challenges. There are no patents to protect us, but few if any companies have assembled a team to rival ours. And technology will continue to evolve, as will the policy environment. Our goal is to stay ahead of both.

All this boils down to what we call the Apex Way. It’s more than the way we do business. It’s who we are. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish in the years ahead.


Mark Goodwin

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mark leads the Apex team and the execution of corporate strategy. Since Apex’s founding, Mark has built a team of professionals focused on creating customized clean energy solutions for businesses, government, utilities, and others.