Clean Energy for Corporates

What can the largest portfolio of renewable energy assets in the
United States offer your company?

Apex Delivers Customized Solutions

Clean energy provides new pathways for hedging long-term energy prices, providing energy resiliency and allowing you to meet your sustainability goals. Our customized solutions aim to identify a customer’s goals first and offer the appropriate renewable energy product to achieve those goals, backed by third-party investments.

Our Business Model

Virtual Power Purchase Agreements

Virtual Power Purchase Agreements


Global office furniture manufacturer Steelcase signed a 25 MW PPA with Apex’s Grant Plains Wind project in 2016. The contract size is equivalent to 70% of the company’s expected U.S. electricity usage over the next 12 years.

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Project Ownership

Project Ownership


Apex operates four wind energy facilities on behalf of IKEA, two of which were purchased from Apex. These facilities offset more than three times IKEA’s U.S. energy demand.

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Physical Delivery

Physical Delivery

U.S. Army

Apex is providing retail electric service to the Fort Hood military garrison in Texas, comprising energy from an on-site 15 MW solar facility and an off-site 50 MW wind facility. The contract is expected to save the Army $168 million over the 28-year agreement term.

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There are three primary ways that Apex has provided corporate customers access to large-scale clean energy projects: project ownership, virtual power purchase agreements, and physical delivery. These options offer flexibility and tailoring to a customer’s specific needs.

Contact us to learn which solution may be right for your company.

Top Reasons Why Corporates Choose Renewable Energy


Right now, wind power is the cheapest form of energy in the country. Apex can offer a price that is competitive with the current wholesale price of conventional power for energy and RECs.

Environmental Attributes

Meet your company’s sustainability goals with clean, domestic, water-smart, and carbon-free electricity, delivered directly or through certified credits.

Energy Hedge

A fixed-price power purchase agreement helps mitigate exposure to volatile or rising long-term electricity rates—whether purchasing grid-proximal or outside your market—over the contract term.

Local Impact

Your investment enables Apex to finance and build new facilities that bring jobs to rural communities, pay royalties to landowners, and generate tax revenue for counties and schools.

Our Portfolio

Our success in delivering clean energy across the United States allows our corporate customers to benefit from low-cost clean energy that provides resiliency and redundancy to ensure reliable power for their operations.

Customer Resources


What Corporations Want from Clean Energy

In new research conducted in partnership with Apex, the GreenBiz Group surveyed more than 150 business leaders about their companies’ energy strategies. Apex’s Steve Vavrik offers his takeaways in a new blog post.

Report on PPA Partnerships Highlights Apex’s Unique Approach

How deals under 50 MW can work for your company.


“The project at Fort Hood, the Army’s first hybrid and largest single renewable energy project to date, is an excellent example of the extraordinary results we can achieve through collaboration. The Army will continue to partner with private-sector entities such as Apex Clean Energy, Inc., to expand renewable energy initiatives on our installations. By working together, we can ensure a sustainable world for future generations.”

—Katherine Hammack, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy, and Environment

“Our decision to partner with Apex and execute a long-term renewable energy agreement reflects our longstanding commitment to drive a clean energy landscape.”

—Jim Keane, President and CEO

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