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Apex’s Advanced, Proactive Operations and Maintenance Team Has Saved $3.4 Million (and Counting) for Our Customers to Date.

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Learn what Apex Clean Energy can do to ensure safe operations, keep your turbines spinning, and optimize for asset profitability.

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Optimizing Turbine Performance and Profitability

Apex is a leading pioneer of modern, proactive wind asset management strategies, including platforms to address turbine performance and profitability.

Apex Receives Industry’s Highest Safety and Health Achievement Award

The honor recognizes Apex’s dedication and leadership throughout the industry.

When Lightning Strikes

Wind turbines are at increased risk of lightning strikes, and early damage detection is a crucial way to cut costs from lightning damage. Apex has addressed the issue with a new, proprietary system.

2.2 GW of Assets Under Management

We operate wind and solar facilities across North America effectively and safely from our 24/7/365
Remote Operations Control Center in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Systems, Processes, Controls

Value-Added Services

Balance of Plant O&M

Focused above all on safety compliance, the Apex team can manage and coordinate all project operations. This includes service provider oversight (including turbine suppliers), regular inspections of Balance of Plant facilities, regular visual inspections of wind turbines, monitoring and summarizing downtime events, and wind turbine faults.

Data Analysis and Project Optimization

The Apex Asset Management team and technical staff has extensive expertise and experience in developing and utilizing best-in-class proprietary tools for data management, reporting, and diagnostics to optimize the performance of the assets.


Apex has adopted the National Institute for Science and Technology (NIST) Risk Management Guide for Information Technology Systems. NIST serves as the government’s tool for risk management and mitigation and, among other things, calls for continuous cyber monitoring. NIST is considered more stringent than current North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) guidelines.

24/7 Monitoring and Curtailment Response

Apex’s Remote Operations Control Center (ROCC) is staffed year-round, 24 hours a day. The ROCC team is made up of highly skilled operators who monitor and control all wind and solar assets remotely utilizing multiple best-in-class, state-of-the-art, large-format displays and multi-monitoring systems. These systems provide full visibility and detailed access to each wind or solar facility’s SCADA system, substation HMI, functional displays, and supplemental supporting applications. The ROCC provides 24-hour response capability for emergencies and curtailments.

Contract Administration and Accounting

The Apex team will ensure that the project stays in compliance with all contract requirements. This service includes managing counterparties to ensure that they also meet their obligations under all existing agreements.

Accounting services can include preparing operational budgets and financial reports, reviewing and approving invoices, and administering land payments to participating project landowners.

Environmental and Regulatory Compliance

The Apex Asset Management team monitors environmental factors to ensure that all commitments made in project permits are met. In addition to permit compliance, the team can assist with any additional permitting needs that arise during operation.

Apex will ensure all projects are fully compliant with FERC and NERC regulatory requirements. The team is also able to ensure that all specific RTO/ISO requirements are met, working with entities such as MISO, NYISO, SPP, and ERCOT.

The Best Asset Management Leadership Team in the Industry

Since 2009, the Apex Asset Management team has delivered extensive expertise in asset management, engineering, data analytics, safety, and site operations. The team brings an average of 18 years of experience to the table.

David Balfrey

Senior Vice President of Technology and Asset Management

Neil James

Vice President of Operations, Maintenance, and Monitoring

Ryan Henning

Senior Director of Environmental Permitting

David Balfrey

Senior Vice President of Technology and Asset Management

Neil James

Vice President of Operations, Maintenance, and Monitoring

Ryan Henning

Senior Director of Environmental Permitting

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